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Organic Explained

Understanding organic foods

A frequently misused term, “organic” simply means that something is derived from living organisms, either plant or animal. When it comes to food products, what’s most important is whether they are “certified organic” according to the Canadian Organic Standards (COS).

Whereas the term “organic” can be applied in a variety of misleading ways, “certified organic” means that every aspect of a food product—from farm to table—adheres to a strict set of rules.

Stickling’s baked products – 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Stickling’s is a 100% certified organic bakery. Our products are baked with 100% certified organic ingredients. Our ingredients come from 100% certified organic Canadian farms. All our facilities, and those of our suppliers, follow the stringent guidelines of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

What qualifies as certified organic bakery?

To qualify as a certified organic bakery, a facility must meet the following protocols:

  • All ingredients used must be 100% certified organic.
  • All ingredients must come from 100% certified organic farms.
  • Manufacturing facilities cannot contain more than 5% non-organic ingredients. These ingredients CANNOT COME INTO CONTACT with any certified organic ingredients.
  • Production practices must be logged and records must be presented annually to an independent organic certification inspector.

What qualifies as a certified organic farm?

To qualify as a certified organic farm, growers must meet the following conditions:

  • Soil must be free of all prohibited substances for a minimum of three years prior to the harvest of any organic crop.
  • Farmers are encouraged to improve soil fertility and rotate crops to naturally increase crop yields.
  • Detailed farm practice records must be kept to comply with the requirements of the COS. For more information about certified organic qualifications, visit the Canadian Organic Growers online.

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