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About Stickling’s Bakery

Stickling’s Bakery – A name you can trust!

Great tasting certified organic bread for generations.

Stickling’s baked products come from a European tradition, baked for people who care about what they eat. A family of bakers for over 75 years we continue to bake our daily bread by hand using carefully raised sourdough cultures for a highly digestible bread that is low in gluten and can be tolerated by many gluten sensitive people. For added health benefits we reduced the salt in our breads making them Low Sodium. We realized aromatic sourdough loaves such as ours taste naturally amazing with only a pinch of salt. For the good of all of us and the good of our plane we use only organic ingredients for our certified organic breads this will help in reducing the use and exposure to chemical fertilizer and pesticides

This is your guarantee that every organic Stickling’s product you eat is certified organic by the highest Canadian certification standards. These standards are now equivalent to the exceptional high standards Europe sets for its organic certifications.

For three generations our family has been dedicated to the art of creating award- winning breads. In 1939, when our grandfather started his artisan bakery in the heart of Westphalia, Germany, he likely didn’t foresee his descendants baking his recipes half a world away in Canada. Seventy-five years later, we have preserved his methods of using only the purest, unprocessed natural ingredients, and we continue to share his enthusiasm for creating quality, organic baked products.

Our products boast various dietary benefits, such as low sodium content and no added fat or sugar. Our breads, bagels and muffins are dairy and egg free, and are baked with un-modified, organic heritage whole grains; ideal for many different diet requirements, including vegan and low sodium diets.

Make sure you try our exceptionally healthy and incredible delicious Organic Vegan Spelt Muffins. High in Fibre and, like all our organic products, Low in Sodium and Without added Sugar!

Stickling’s beneficial sourdough cultures together with organic heritage whole grains allow us to craft nutritious, aromatic grain products.

Try our breads, bagels and pizza crusts and see for yourself how deliciously healthy they are!

Is your favourite bakery using organic ingredients? Stickling’s Bakery is!

Feel good about what you eat is Stickling’s philosophy. Join us and live a healthy, active live promoting sustainable agriculture and good environmental stewardship.

To your Health!

Michael and Annette








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    • Certified organic
    • Low Sodium
    • Sourdough
    • Vegan
    Low Sodium

    Low Sodium Vegan Organic

    • Low Sodium Bread
    • Low Sodium Bagels
    • Low Sodium, High Fibre, Vegan Muffins
    Stickling's bagels are scrumptious! Fall in love with bagels all over again!
    Check out Stickling's Bistro, there are always delicious items in our dessert case.
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